Back to the Future – Pierre Cardin

In over eight decades futuristic apparel designer, Pierre Cardin, one of the 5 best known Frenchmen in the world, has been busy. He almost makes Karl Lagerfeld look like a sloth. 
His resume looks like this: Haute Couture; Started With, Masqued Ball costume design; CHECK, worked for major Fashion House Christian Dior; CHECK, first to sell to “lower end” Printemps raising haut-ee eyebrows; CHECK, bought his own venue for shows which has grown into 3 major Paris theater/event venues; CHECK, designed outlandish car interiors; GOT IT, Airline apparel, CHECK, designed the bubble dress (uh, in 1954); CHECK, bought Maxims Restaurant in Paris, expanded (to like, boats, boutique and a museum) and opened a hotel chain; CHECK. Anything else? Oh, he bought the former castle residence of Marquis de Sade, renovated it and holds music festivals there. Oh, and he owns an  Italian Palazzo and a Bubble House on Côte d’Azur, for events and soirées. But he is only 88, he has time. This year, after more than a decade of busily “doing other things” he graced Paris Fashion Week with a show that harked back to the good old “Jetson Days” of the 60’s Mod Scene. The designer, who has extensively licensed out his name, did not feel they did an adequate job copying his designs. He hailed them as “too baroque”, what ever that means for a space suit. The eyewear was so futuristic that it looked too dangerous even for Lt. Sulu from Star Trek. Colors were classically right out of a candy box and ripe for Lady Gaga to pick. Cardin said he was thrilled  that the singer wore one of his designs this year for a video shoot. “I used to dress the Beatles and the Rolling Stones..I have always designed very provocative clothes for young people.” You can say that again!

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