Christian Dior-able

Again, John Galliano gives the fashionable crowd their money’s worth. This  time he is captain of the Pin-up girls from a shipwreck. The looks took their cue from Hawaiian shirt fabric and just sailed away from there! Cute as a billboard for war bonds, the models were trussed up in everything from sailor suits to lingerie sheer gowns. Color bright as a row of beach chairs on Cape Cod  dripped like a fresh coat of paint from every dress and gown. Girls in magenta batiked sundresses, knotted string dresses flirty in Caribbean aqua, banana yellow gowns and trims, tangerine sandals and sheer tops, and sailor-boy white hats over Marlene Dietrich Hollywood glamor hair. And at the end of the bodacious show the attendees waited as John Galliano sauntered in through a cloud of smoke and saluted them in pigtails and captain’s hat. What a curvy crew!


Think Gilligan’s Island when watching this video!!

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