Weekend in the Garden of Tim Van Steenbergen

The Paris Fashion Week program notes for Belgian Designer Tim Van Steenbergen SS2011 collection designed like Robert Mapplethorpe’s flower images, tells the story of a lady gardener. Fragmanets of flowers come alive in dresses, some even literally take the shapes of flower leaves. The female gardener is at work in her garden in a lavishly frock with her lover’s sweater knotted around her waist. A pretty weekend picture.
Texture is infused in the fabrics by combining embossed cotton and leather, jacquard jersey, lightweight wools, linens and classic crepe wool, even summer fur. It leaves the effect of summer with structured bouclette,  mousseline and sumptuous bleached and printed silks on each garment. The contrast of garden colors; greens, greys, woodland ash and tobaccos are contrasted with monotone graphic giving an elegant country house atmosphere to the intensely feminine collection. 

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