Zucca SS2011 at Paris Fashion Week

Held at the Couvent des Cordeliers in the 6th on rue de l’Ecole de Medecine was a show that had the delicacy of spring in the colors of a dark forest waterfall. Zucca Designer, Akira Onozuka has always shown simple casual wear made to look edgier for a fashion conscious consumer base at Paris Fashion Week. He created an eager, loyal group of customers from native Tokyo and they were there in full force for the show. But this year Onozuka seemed to take his cue from the lady-like looks that Prada presented in Milan last fall and add cascading water, infusing the full skirt, jewel necklines adding sheer capes and belted peplum jackets. Simply presenting the garments with cage booties and dark colors does not evoke edginess and seemed at odds with the delicately draped fabrics that so eloquently speak of water cascading into to cool dark pools. Onozuka might have used more creative hair styles in the presentation to reinforce the visual imagery, but the rosette and runching details and stunning metallic silks made this an important show for this Japanese designer.

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