The Gucci Fall Wardrobe

When it comes to classy dressing, Frieda Giannini never fails. If you’re going to invest in your wardrobe, trendy isn’t always the best way to go. The mere mention of investment says you want something substantial that is here to stay, at least for a while. Gucci Fall fairly drips the gold standard in chic essentials. So for a quick Fall primer in elegance and style here are 4 looks and a LBD to kit you out for that changeable time of year.

Perfect for that important business lunch in the city, Gucci puts it all together with a taupe silk blouse, wrapped skirt in dove grey and baby soft suede over-the-knee boots. Throw a khaki wool jacket over, add the essential Gucci two handle tote and you are entirely fabulous.

They are clamoring for fur and this chocolate latte confection dress is just the wake up call. Tiny rows of fur at the bodice are the icing on the cake for Gucci dressing. Matching tights and delectable booties complete the look for ladies who need to lunch.

As the days get cooler and frost nips any remainder of summer in the bud, warm up with an all over glamor look of a belted long fur vest coat. The suede sleeves and button cover give this coat a sophisticated city feel. The guarantee is that you will stay cozy while you totally knock ’em dead with this look. 

Take me away for the weekend! Sleek and elegant, Gucci even provides that perfect little travel wear outfit in cappuccino pants and jacket suit paired with a grey silk blouse that is barely there and a killer necklace. Travel just doesn’t get any chic-er that this. 

Opening Act. If there is one rule to the Little Black Dress, it is to always be fabulous. There is nothing to compare with this svelte frock and black feather shawl. Spiced up with python lace stockings and strappy Gucci pumps and you are your own Gala. 

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