EDITION – Georges Chakra SS2011

Fashion Week (Month) is over for the season but we still have the lingering breath of Spring on our minds. Some of the more memorable Fashion Shows were some of the first, in what seems, way back in New York. (My feet still aren’t even back to normal after that Week). 
One such show was the breathtaking Edition – Georges Chakra. Spellbinding, breathtaking, and other such superlatives were bantered about but no editor verbiage can adequately describe how glamorous and stunning the entire Edition Collection truly was. The Designer used a color palette of neutrals and desert flower brights. Prevalent was the use of weaving in place of other add-on embellishments, giving many gowns a luxurious texture. Still, the signature use of crystals and beading adorned the Red Carpet gowns with the touch of glittery lavishness stars like Kelly Rowland and Dania Ramirez (who were in Front Row attendance) love. There were plenty of those Red Carpet numbers to chose from and even a floaty white crystal-halter gown that would transform any bride into queen for the day. 



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