Once Upon a Time – Rebecca Moses

At New York Fashion Week, some of the “Shows” were not exactly Runway Shows. They were served in a box, much like chocolates. It all involved sequestering one’s ticket early in the day, racing to the line and then standing on ragged feet in towering heels and pretending to be bored by the wait. Actually my feet were nearly torn to ribbons so that look on my face was grimacing rather than boredom. But these lines are the place to meet other bloggers, editors, and fashionistas from all over the country, so I never minded the hour. But, I digress. Back to the box of chocolates. They called it a Box, assumingly because it was a dark (black walls in fact) square room. Only so many were let in at a time. The final Box was heavily guarded by churlish (undoubtedly exhausted) black suited bouncers, as if it were some coveted night club. I was of the final group to be let in. The sight inside was so delightful that my tired feet were dismissed as incidental and the hour wait a faded memory. Rebecca Moses has just released a new book. She aptly named it A Life of Style. Anna Wintour herself said of the book: ‘Both playful and thoughtful, Rebecca Moses brings a wonderfully light touch to her serious sense of style’. It stood to reason that the theme of her Box should be whimsically bookish. Models were set in dramatic giant book dioramas around the perimeter of the room. Adorably stylized in enchanting colors for Spring the models had the appearance of storybook characters come to life. The collection was divine. From the pastel maxi skirts to the long black staircase gown, every piece was delectable and desirable. The fabrics were draped and loose, the pieces worked together in several different combinations. Some pieces had exquisite neckline detailing.The best part was the life-size doll model in the center of the room lounging luxuriously in the open pages of a gigantic book, as if to say, “Darling, do sit down, I have all day”.

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