Jewels of the World – Carlos Miele SS2011

The heat of Brazil could be felt like the sizzle of the sun at Carlos Miele SS2011 at New York Fashion Week. As Bebel Gilberto danced and sang, models sashayed the catwalk not only in the heat-wave patterned gowns but the hot sparkling jewels of Ivanka Trump. Gowns had smooth and textured surfaces that highlighted the female form from every angle. Crisp white was paired with citron-lime green. Deep tangerine was paired with cobalt blue. Chiffon tee-shirts contrasted with white denim, crepe and charmeuse dresses bedazzled with diamond and rose gold braclets, drop earrings, necklaces and large cocktail rings. All the colors reminded one of sun-drenched beaches near the glittering sea and hot Latin nights. The collection had a signature multi-colored butterfly print on many of the pieces that carried all the colors and brought a wonderful cohesiveness. It was noted on the program that “few creatures embody the state of being carefree as the ever-flitting butterfly“, further demonstrated by the curious choice of song, “Another Brick in the Wall” by Pink Floyd. This collection seems more about exuding luxurious, seductive, curve hugging feminine charm than demanding freedom. 

Bebel Gilberto & Carlos Miele

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