Hearts and Lavin Followers

The news is out, and it is not new. Alber Elbaz, who vowed never to produce clothing for “low-end” shopping outlets, with the likes of Target, Wal-mart or H&M saying: 
“I have a problem to do a collection that is a secondary line. I mean, you don’t want to be the stepsister. You want to be Cinderella. Show me one girl who wants to be the stepsister.” 
Apparently, most of us are fine with the whole “step-sister” thing as long as we get to wear Lavin. No one really minds. But if you are going to do a thing, you might as well, pull all the stops and do it BIG. Elbaz set out to do a full-blown state-stumping political rally around…what? Fashion? Well, partly. Hearts, definitely. H&M, possibly. No, this was all about how much passion he has about saving the art and design of the fashion industry. So fly them in from Europe, stage a New York Fashion Show, sell it off the runway and fill the open to madly wild women in retail stores two days later. If retail ever needed a Red-Bull moment, it is now. This a The Star doing his bit to save the day. Using his clout to pull us forward. Skeptics sneer and snigger at the fashionistas, buyers and “frivolity” on the 5th Avenues, Rodeo Drives, Worth Avenues and glittery pavements of the nations Fashion Main Streets. But when there is enough expendable income for the common woman to open up her dog-eared Gucci wallet and shell out a handful of $100 bills, then you can pretty well bet the economy has broken its pallid recession fever and the worst is actually over. Elber is not alone, Anna Wintour did her thing with not one but 2 Fashion’s Night Out. Worldwide. Lagerfeld and Galliano continue to wow the crowd with near circus-like acts, promising that Fashion is not dead, nor is it even sleeping. We all secretly breathe a sigh of relief deep inside. Even if we can’t really afford Top Shelf, it is nice to eye it up there, waiting. 
So Mr. Elbaz, we salute you and your collaboration: Lavin Hearts H&M. We will faithfully stand in line from 4am with the other slaves to fashion, just as we did to get into your shows at Fashion Week. If this is war (against the economy) then, by golly, we will do our part! Cross our Hearts!


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