Guli SS2011: A lesson in the Fabric of Life

Ikat silks, Bekasam stripes, delicate Excelsior, traditional Alacha, velvety A’lo Bakhmal, naturally dyed Adras, 100% Silk Shoyi, and culturally phenomenal Atlas. These are all part of the Fabric  of the Guli Spring/Summer Collection for 2011. In the same way that Eastern artists used fabric for creative expression, Guli Designer, Gulnara Islomovna Karimova, dug deep into her native Uzbekistan heritage, discovering riches beyond measure in the art of creating fabrics using ancient traditional weaving and dying methods. Though some methods were modernized and improved, she still used traditional machinery from ancient Uzebek. The extraordinary collection burst upon Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York like a glittering box of pirate treasure. The designer also created jewelry and hats to accompany her garments. The effect and workmanship were astounding in richness and depth. The entire collection reflects her passion, preservation, and understanding of how to bring true cultural heritage in an art-form into our century worthy, not only of an ancient people, but of our need to find richness in our lives today.

Designer Gulnara Islomovna Karimova

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