Fashion Re-Birth

Carine Roitfeld at Carlos Miele SS2011
New York Fashion Week

Fashion News has rocked its world a little today as Carine Roitfeld has announced the end of her reign as editor of French Vogue. Carrie, as she is known, has been editor since 2001 and will be leaving at the end of January 2011. That being said, it is as good a time as any for all of us to re-evaluate where we are, what we have and were we are going. 10 years is a magic time. I have always been of the opinion that all relationships should end every 10 years. Even marriages. Of, course you can re-commit, but how many would go through the courtship, promises,  wedding, and honeymoon again with the same person? Hard to say. At the very least, relationships, personal and professional should have a good dusting and cleaning every ten years. Thinking and technology change so dramatically in 10 years in most arenas to the extent that Top Guns, unless they have been leading the changes, become appallingly obsolete. There isn’t a  writer, model, actor, person that I know that wants to be obsolete. I am certainly not saying that Carine is. But for Carine (and many of us), change is a good thing. You work hard to become good at something and then there is no place to go except BEYOND. French Vogue will change. Magazines are changing, you would have to be blind to not see the change coming like a heat seeking asteroid. Carine will find another way to express and challenge herself as she embraces her change of choice. There are times in her life that she looked happier, more full of lively luster. I met her during September Fashion Week in New York, she was cordial but not bursting with enthusiasm. It doesn’t  matter if we choose that change or not, it comes, like the Fashion Seasons and we must adapt. There is no standing still. We are all on the brink of something fantastic, we just have to open our minds and eyes to see it. Bon Chance Carine. May the horizon shine bright for you again! We will miss you.

Carine Roitfeld

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