Out of the Closet

It’s a New Year. Yeah you’ve heard that about a million times since last week. But, fact is: it IS a New Year. After next week, it won’t seem as new. So let’s play house and pretend it’s really time for spring cleaning. Take a long look in that closet and all those drawers. Do you really need all that stuff? Does all of it really scream your name? No? Not surprised. We are collectors and many of us hate to throw things away. However, something about the changing of the year allows us to indulge in feather dusters and spritz. So go ahead. Empty the contents out one drawer at a time. During  the refill process, think not only about what you like but realize that what you wear is the language you use to communicate that person to the world. You don’t have to like it, but that is the way it works, non-the-less. Use the 3 D’s to help you along. Decide. Declare. Decorate.
There are many styles, typical and not so typical. maybe you aren’t sure just who you are. There is nothing wrong with and everything right with experimenting in a style for the sheer purpose of trying it on for size. Perhaps you are in need of a major change because you have found yourself in another place than you were,say, in high school. This is a perfect time for trial and error. So let’s lay out a few Styles. You can play cut and paste by inserting your face at the top of the look or you can search among your drawers for the bits and pieces to style one of these looks for a test drive.

Boho Chic

                                                 Jovovich-Hawk                      Emilio Pucci                             Alberta Ferretti                                                                     

Minimal Chic

                                                  Max Azria                                              Akris                                      Calvin Klein

Lady Like Chic

Oscar de la Renta                             Dolce & Gabbana                              Barbara Tfank

Working Girl Chic 

                                                  Versace                                        Hermès                                            DKNY

Sport Chic

                                                 Milly                                                Fendi                                              Lanvin

Draped Chic

                                             Lela Rose                                          Issey Miyake                               Elise Overland

Preppy Chic


                                              Tommy Hilfiger                               Jason Wu                                   Carolina Herrera 

Rocker Chic

                                              Blumarine                                Alexander McQueen                               Balmain   

So say you picked one of the styles and gave it a whirl. Everyone was more than supportive and gave you compliments all day. You felt funny at first but realized after a week of putting the look together that you need to commit to it and shop based around that style. What designers even make that style and how do you pull it off day after day without looking like a repeat? This is the fun part. It’s called shopping. You’ve seen the show, What Not to Wear, they take the girl shopping but let her decide. Then they tell her she did it wrong and shop for her. Well, were not going to do that. You have to do this correctly from the start. First off, remember: you are declaring not a style but YOU. Let the style be your language. If you love heels, wear them. If you love pants and jackets, go for it. But choose wisely and BUILD. Each of these pieces are going to make up a wardrobe that works together and speaks your personality at the same time. One of the best places to start with is a color palette that works with you rather than against you. Then  shirt by sock start creating your story out of clothes. Remember Rome was not built in a day. Work at it all the time and when you can afford. Timeless is wonderful but Trendy will make you happy. Use them both. 


                                                Mulberry                                     Christian Dior                                Oscar de la Renta

Tans & Camels

                                                Gucci                                                Chole                                         Andrew Gn


                                        Giorgio Armani                                    Nichole Miller                                   Frank Tell

Fiery Reds

                                                   Lanvin                                        Reed Krakoff                                        ADAM

Oranges and Melons

                                             Tory Burch                                        Mulberry                                          Hermes

Yellows, Greens, Pinks

                                               Halston                                     Oscar de la Renta                                   J.Crew

Plumy, Purple Lavender 

                                            Marc Jacobs                                    Burberry Prorsum                          Emanuel Ungaro


                                          Dolce & Gabbana                                     Akris                                     Alexander Wang

Like any film director knows, there is no movie without the editor who takes all the pieces and puts them together in a film. It needs to make sense. Call it what you want but all those looks will pull together better with the right accessories. And since we are not Christmas Trees, we don’t have to swath ourselves with all the decorations in the box at once! But certain protocol must be followed and most of us don’t mind the occasional  glint of silver on a buckle or a wrist. 


                                                                    Coach                                                         Lady Dior                                               


                                                                      J. Crew                                                        Coco Chanel 



                                                        Michael Kors                                                                      Hermes
Christian Siriano 


                                                           Christian Louboutin                                                   Jimmy Choo
                                                         Jimmy Choo                                                    Tory Burch                                                 

                                                                                                Burberry Prorsum

By no means was this meant to be a Bible. Think of it as a primer. A jumping place to get you started. You have the perfect excuse, it is after all, a New Year!

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