Funky Prada Sproing 2011

How do you spell Spring? P R A D A

It seems a long time ago when there were hiccups and coughs in the audience during the Spring Summer 2011 Prada Runway show. Those blips were rumored to be coming from the higher up mucky-mucks that, er, run the place. Too bold? Too stripy? Too..WHAT?! Too fabulous is what the marketing department says and they aim to prove it. It certainly helps that a few teeny-tiny starlets, that just happen to be nominated for an OSCAR (HELLO mucky-mucks, no coughing now!) strutted around in a little of that bold, brash color for the Screen Actors Guild Awards. I bet the entire administration is grooving out to this little ditty…in swirly sunnies and striped hats, flinging their fuchsia boas over their shoulders. Take that, mucky-mucks!

Hailee Steinfeld at the SAG Awards

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