Sneak Peek to Fall Winter 2011 – Custo Barcelona

Sometimes it is oh, so fun to peek behind the curtain; the things we can find when we are looking! How exciting is it to get a little peek into what will happen next week in New York at Fashion Week! These are some darling little sketches of the up-coming Custo Barcelona Collection for Fall/Winter 2011. Introducing a new color palette, Custo Barcelona will evoke light and airiness in both day and evening wear. 

These new proposals are extremely subtle; a return to the roots of traditional tailoring, with garments full of hand-stitched details that are a far cry from mass production. An appreciation of the handmade look, with all its little irregularities, the austere prevails over the vacuity of luxe and bling, and fabrics are reinvented at the service of the most urbanite and informal design.” -Custo Barcelona program details. 

Just think what will happen when we see the real thing on the runway at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York! 

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