Pre-Show Fashion Week Tent Peek

Lincoln Center

Burberry Brites

It is lovely that no matter how much times goes by, not much changes in New York while you’re gone. It seems like not so long ago Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011 was strutting down the runway all sheer and minimal with bright color snapping like firecrackers on the 4th of July. The Tents, permanently (and thankfully) moved and settled in at Lincoln Center, are just getting their last touches like a wedding cake on marriage day. The line to get credentials snaked down the street (after a certain fashion editor had hers safely tucked in her bag. Whew). Lunch and quick meetings to plan the “assault of the risers” (editor speak for getting an actual seat at the shows) and it was time to check on that frosting. (Okay, confession. There was time for a fast shopping trip). 

The Tents are not only up but the girls in Red Dresses were busily handing out Coke (sponsor) in creative little socially conscience bottles while the very first show, honoring the fight against Heart Disease; “the Red Dress”, of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week was about to begin. Mercedes Benz has pulled all the stops and decorated their car booths with everything from crystal chandeliers and full size horses to real live crystal encrusted  fashion from Hervé Léger.  Oh, and they have some really cool cars too!

The AOL Media pit has had a nifty makeover to be even more efficient and bristling with recharging plugs. Media goodies are set out like candy dishes at the great aunts at a holiday. To media junkies, this IS Christmas!

Starbucks, Maybelline, Kim Crawford Wines and TreSemme booths are all set and lit like birthday cakes.


There was even time for a peek inside the fabulous Diane Von Furstenberg designed “Star Lounge” where one can hang out and have snacks if one is terribly famous, or knows someone who is. Boxes full of glittered and leoparded baubles were set out in glass case, fruit market style.

It’s fancy, it’s amazing and it’s definitely one breath away from Show Time. 
New York Fashion Week Designers List

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