Nicholas K Fall 2011

This was the very first official show of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week inside the Tents. Most people do not favor these early morning shows but the early atmosphere is one of busy excitement. Everyone wants to do their job and do it well. This is a special show because no one is saying their feet hurt yet! With such high anticipation (and the run-through music pounding out of the BCBG tent) Nicholas and Christopher Kunz got things going with a mix of velvet and leather, fleece and plaid. Everything looks warm and substantial and like they directed; these pieces are parts of a wardrobe to build upon. 
There was a definite nod to the 70’s with Jimmy Hendricks headbands tied around the models heads and left to drape behind. Aviator sunglasses and desert boots heated things up and solidified the feel of retro hipness. 

Nicholas K Design Team

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