Richard Chai Fall 2011

Richard Chai titled his Fall/Winter 2011 Collection: Love. If you love soft warm wool then this fits the description perfectly. Everything in the collection evoked warmth and coziness. Suits, swing coats, shawl wrapped vests, kilts, trousers, funnel neck dresses, even parkas all wool in them somewhere. Little flits of viscose and silk Georgette dresses and skirts gave the collection a feminine nod but this was “man-dressing” in it’s finest. Fine tailoring and structured details spoke of clothing made to last many years. Some of the innovative designs to all that wool were unique cuts to the jackets with higher fronts and angles at the hip. At the end of the show color and metallics were mixed with the sky-gray to remind that there is always a silver lining and flash of color before the storm. 

Richard Chai

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