Tadashi Shoji Fall 2011

“The mind is still, the body no longer distinguishable, all in harmony with the universe” -Xiao Lei

The program helped set the mood with this poignant verse. Guests were asked to reflect on the spiritualness of nature as it transcends into balance and tranquility. We were treated with gentle music while waiting for this show but once the lights went down the music changed to exude power and relevance. In this collection Tadashi Shoji moves his creative direction to include texture and bold jewel tone color. Even jewelry was bold. Dress after dress and gown after gown showed that he is a master at evening wear and Red Carpet. The striking silhouettes to the gowns and elegant luxury in the cocktail dresses made this a very important collection for Fall/Winter 2011 and the Awards/Holiday seasons. Pieces had stunning hand cut feathering and floral texture, tiny pleating and long graceful lines with flowing skirts. Much of the drama, which is always a favorite with celebrities, was in the backs of the gowns. Low backs, feather bodice trims and one shoulder statements were prevalent throughout the show. 
Tadashi Shoji

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