Venexiana Fall 2011

The lively Kati Stern cooked up one lavish show for the final show of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Day Two. The 9pm show was more of a date night at Lincoln Center. Packed to the rafters with fans and well wishers, not to mention a few editors and many bloggers, this was a not-to-be-missed show. 69 looks were presented. Count them. This was one of the longest shows of the Week. Every single piece was over the top or very close to it. The makeup was done it the over-done baby-doll look and worked adorably with the gowns and pieces. Hair was piled high and the Carlos Santana shoes made these models towering. Each piece had lavish detailing from exposed zippers and fraying to crystals and fox fur-tail. Tweed suits and gold Lurex gowns alike were treated like glamor clothing from the closet of a courtier.

 There was the use of gauzy gray and purple plaid in several cocktail dresses, both sheath and Mad Men tiny waist style that brought some of the collection back to earth but straps had crystals and gems to bring it back to the skies. One of the chicest pieces was a metallic chiffon evening gown with a red for fur muff with two tails. The look was terribly nostalgic to the 30’s and 40’s when women still “dressed to the nines”. The use of color was as if Stern dipped a ladle in a pirates treasure chest and chose the palette from that. When one of the final looks emerged from the back there was an audible gasp from the entire audience. The creamy white gown was something Marie Antoinette would have been proud to wear. The skirt extended beyond the runway. It was as if it rained diamonds on the gown and they just stayed there. The head piece wrapped around the model’s head like a feather cap made entirely of diamonds.  After the show Katie Stern, clearly giddy with relief, skipped to the end of the runway to do a dance to her still pounding music, accept flowers and a standing ovation from her adoring fans. 

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