Jenny Packham Fall 2011

“Men cluster to me
Like moths around a flame
Andi if their wings burn
I know I’m not to blame”
                                                    -Marlene Dietrich
Jenny Packham knows how a certain Hollywood crowd craves the luxurious glittery glamour and she knows how to spell Runway and Red Carpet. This is hot “Sequin and the City” at it’s flashiest. Pieces included full stretch bodysuits covered with a layer of silver or gold beading to resemble spiderwebbing, beaded tulle up-to-there cocktail dresses with stacked sequins, silk chiffon gowns that were covered in beaded flowers, and drama draped back dresses that had delicate moth wing sequins on tulle. One Italian jersey dress even sported ball and chain straps, cowl neckline over beaded leggings and topped with a gold metal sequin jacket. This collection was all about Rock ‘n Roll stage glamour. In the front row, ostensibly seated next to Neiman Marcus’ Ken Downing was One Tree Hill’s Shantel VanStanten who said, “I loved every piece and would totally wear most of those gowns”. 
Ken Downing & Shantal VanSanten

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