Carlos Miele Fall 2011

Gone was the live music and frizzling vibe, this was a serious fashion show for Carlos Miele Fall 2011. What we saw were amazing applications of color and fabric experimentation. Using tri-dimensional surfaces while playing with lights and darks, graphic stripes, color and texture clashes, and even satellite imaging the King of Color created remarkable looks. Since this was a fall collection, furs were included, adding yet another facet to the line. Fur capes were made with striping that mimicked some of the graphic tops and gowns but giving them a softening effect. Beginning with nudes and black, the collection swiftly moved into the color playground that Carlos likes to work in. graphic striped knitted tops in fuchsia, red and black were paired with layered chiffon checked skirts combining clashing textures with a hot, modern vibe. A cream jumpsuit with a hood was impacted with a paprika sash that had the effect of a flash of light. Beading and metallic braiding added more dimension to shoulders. Velvets were paired with chiffons, chartreuse silk with cerulean blue gathered detailing, peridot printed eclipse and satellite imaging was shot with beading. The details were incredible and the effect was like a blurred photo of Times Square at night. Color was just right, styling was body conscience and eternally feminine, glamorous and yet boldly wearable. 

Satellite Imaging print

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