City Slicker Yellow

Lots of things are YELLOW: sunshine, rain slickers, rubber duckies, tulips, daffodils, bananas, and lemon pies. Some things that aren’t normally yellow have gotten that way over time because someone saw the chance for joy; submarines, brick roads, true love’s … Continue reading

Your Checkered Past

So you thought you could hide it? All this clandestine tucking into linings and hiding in accessories, but you have been caught red handed and it turns out you’re not alone. Not only has your Checkered Past found you out … Continue reading

Clutch Me to Your Heart

Jason Wu Oh, the love affair we all have with our handbags. It goes beyond what men can either provide or understand. Our handbag not only carries our life in a small useful pouch, it says so much about us. … Continue reading

Chanel Fun for a Spring Day

created by Peter Phillips for Chanel Makeup Studio Related posts:Rolando Santana Spring 2012Spring Trend: Polka DotsSpa Month … Continue reading

Just a Touch of Green for Luck!

It’s a Love/Hate relationship we have with GREEN Here’s a few to Love Charles Chan-Lima (Neiman Marcus) & Jill Sander Wristlet Tiffany Paloma Picasso Ring & Meredith Wendell Bag Milly Dress &  Swatch Animal Writstwatch  Cole Haan ‘Violet’ Pump Coach Wallet, Green … Continue reading