From the French Riviera with Love

The Carlton Intercontinental, Cannes 
Leaving St. Tropez we drove to Cannes for our night stay. Driving right past the 
Grand Auditorium Louis Lumière where the famed Cannes Film Festival takes place, on boulevard de La Croisette it was difficult to hold back the excitement. Stopping in front of the gorgeous Carlton Hotel with it’s yellow stripe awnings and ornate windows, a man with an accordion could be heard playing romantic music in the street. It was magical. After the royal treatment from the valet we walked into the sumptuous lobby was filled with light and flowers. There was even a lemon cube topiary and vases of white & yellow flowers attached to the columns in honor of Spring.
The columns marched into a deliciously navy velvet chaired tea room where people were having drinks and tea. If there is heaven, could this please be it?  Up we swept to the 2nd floor and our rooms, which were also yellow & white with ornate cornice moldings and arched windows. We freshened up and went out in the dark to wander the lovely streets of Cannes, mostly deserted but with just enough people to make it fun. We walked along the boardwalk and heard the hiss of the gentle waves. Tiny lights could be seen in the distance along the French Riveria. After skirting our section of the town and taking photos on the famous Theater’s steps, we found a French cafe to eat a late supper. I chose a Salad Niçoise and a trio of sorbets for dessert.  I took my longed for bath on the French Riviera and was totally in heaven. Our beds were all made up by a busy, bustling French madame maid in bright red glasses, which was funny but the bedding was so incredibly luxurious that we sunk into blissful, grateful sleep!
We awoke to sparkling sunshine on a very blue Mediterranean sea. Taking the grand staircase down to the breakfast room, a lovely sun-filled room overlooking the gardens and the sea, a giant French buffet awaited. The food was amazing. Tables groaning with anything you could want to eat. The bread table had piles of croissants, corn cakes, 3 kinds of tiny donuts, baguettes, toasts, apple tarts, honey, fruit and chocolate breads. Macrons, Madelines, lemon cookies, crepes, and jams: blue, strawberry, raspberry, marmalades, even rose. Then there were hot foods, organic foods, a refrigerated case of meats & cheeses, yogurts. There was a table piled with cut and fresh fruits. The juice table had mimosas, orange, apple, carrot, grapefruit, and apple. They brought you coffees and tea in the most precious little cups.
The cutest little French child was playing under the big bread table, she had silver Gucci baby shoes on. Reluctantly we gathered our things and left that wonderful hotel. I am afraid that it has planted a seed for my heart of my next home. Sigh, yes, I could live there, oui.  

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