Garuda – Toni Francesc Fall 2011

The program says ‘Every 500 years a breathtaking eagle-sized bird with red plumage burns in its own flames only to rise from its ashes: Phoenix.”
Using the element of fire and all the colors it involves from intense golds to ash gray & blacks, Toni did not disappoint his loyal fans. Silky wools in combination with satin day dresses that touch the female form in all the right places, cozy wool capes and jackets cut 3/4 sleeve then paired with leather elbow gloves, russet gowns that seemed to flow like molten lava; these were the elements of his fire. Every look was nipped at the waist and broadened at the shoulders to emphasize the the Phoenix rising. Of particular delight was an asymmetrical gray wool coat that begged to be worn on a chilly fall night in the city. The wonderfully exuberant designer took his bow to loud applause and ran full tilt the length of the runway, his massive hair streaming behind, seemingly on to another collection, before the elusive dream should disappear. 

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