Lela Rose Fall 2011

Sometimes a trip to the museum can turn into the most creative experience, at least it did for Lela Rose. Inspired by a Gerhard Richter  exhibit at Chicago’s Art Institute, Lela Rose isn’t going to let Winter spoil her love affair with color. Her “paint-scraped” color marred and blurred plaids on the diaphanous fabric with filmy printed overlay, just enough to give them a decided “Art Studio” je ne sais quoi. All that was missing was the smell of oils, a few gilt frames and a manically mad artist. This Designer of the moment makes clothes that we want to buy and uptown/downtown live in. The fluffy little knit skirts flecked with sparkle and sheers over metallics spell: “Night On the Town”, while the artist palette prints, poplin jackets, and funky knee socks keep us grounded while we do the daily Nine-to-Five’s.  Delightful and generous, each place had a bag full of goodies and the designer’s own homemade cookies making this a double treat to attend.

Lela Rose

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