Clutch Me to Your Heart

Jason Wu

Oh, the love affair we all have with our handbags. It goes beyond what men can either provide or understand. Our handbag not only carries our life in a small useful pouch, it says so much about us. Like the expression in our eyebrows during a conversation with others (or ourselves), it is that dashing cross to our T’s and dot to our I’s. So, the question is: What do we do with this new found love of the “clutch” bag that is starting, like a quiet riot, to take over the fashion world. Every major designer has infused their collections with the slippery little things. Slippery, because they are not only tricky to hold when, say you have a shuffle of papers (or a champagne glass, darling) to also hang onto. And slippery as well because does one want to invest all that wonderful lolly on something that could pass like a summer breeze and land in the back of one’s already cluttered closet. Oh, they have always been with us in a small way.
Evening demands a clutch so as not to overpower our glamorous gowns or cheeky cocktail frocks, albeit, the best ones always had a shoulder chain strap. But this is something beyond all that. today’s clutch is firmly tucked under the arm so as to become part of the ensemble. Clutches are making a real stand as a statement piece and and demanding not only our attention but that of how we will be conducting the business of being us. PS: iPad cases work too!



Diane Von Furstenberg

Izzi Bag


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Clutch Me to Your Heart — 2 Comments

  1. I love that clutches are seemingly everywhere. The over-sized are especially my favorites so that we may take them to work and then carry them into evening activities. 🙂 Lovely post.

  2. "What do we do with our new found love of the clutch?".. I say hold onto it tight! Nothing feels sexier than tucking a neat little clutch,containing lipstick and keys firmly under the arm whilst out for dinner and drinks. A little impractical-yes..But then our love for all things fashion has never been about practicality.. Its all about what makes us feel good..

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