City Slicker Yellow

Lots of things are YELLOW: sunshine, rain slickers, rubber duckies, tulips, daffodils, bananas, and lemon pies. Some things that aren’t normally yellow have gotten that way over time because someone saw the chance for joy; submarines, brick roads, true love’s hair, candy peeps. All of them bring to mind sunny smiles and perfect days. So it is no wonder the fashion crowd plays upon our weather worn-out winter blues with teases and tickles of yellow in advertising, sales, even shop window merchandising. The funny thing is no one ever complains about the happy, “It’s Gonna be a Bright, Sunshiny Day” color!

Longchamp Gatsby Handbag

Hunter Laceup Knee Wellies

Kate Spade Date Ring

Kate Spade Valerie Jacket                                    Tory Burch Satchel
Betsey Johnson Let’s Polka Swimsuit

Hermes Bangle

            Manolo Blahnik Bow-Toe d’Orsay                       MK Michael Kors Silicone Watch
H & M Cotton Dress

MK Michael Kors Belt
Cole Haan Riley Cross Body Handbag
Dannijo Stingray Cuff

DKNY Hooded Jacket

J. Crew Fall 2011
Burberry Umbrella

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City Slicker Yellow — 5 Comments

  1. I'm really into yellow these days. I used to only want to wear black when I was in Miami but now that I live in NYC and EVERYONE wears black, I need some color!!

    x Elizabeth / IN BETWEEN SEAMS

  2. There is no denying the power of yellow. Wearing "look at me" lemon accessorized right can look amazing…

    In my mind I can see myself in the Blahnik bow-tie heels with black skinny jeans and a black vest top. Not that I'm hinting or anything but those pumps are on my wish list!… Great post xx

  3. Yellow never looked so good! Love that Hermes bangle and so much more. Have a great weekend. Now I've got to follow your blog for all this girly goodness.

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