What to get Mom for Mother’s Day

You know what it’s like, every year Mother’s Day comes and you want to get something special for your mom. She’s the one that cheered you on through life, driving you to endless lessons, wiping away tears and  making all those dinners. Now it’s time to remind her how much all that meant to you. At a recent Accessories Council event in New York City, several bloggers got together to have an evening out while they were shown a parade of the Top Picks  for mom. They took away many ideas for Mother’s Day gifts and a swag bag of Mother’s Day Goodies. 

First off there were wine and cookies. How much better can it get? The scrumptious cookies, baked from the Rouge Tomate NYC Kitchens, were artfully packaged and subsequently gobbled up.  Sorry, Mom. But this is a fantastic place when you are in New York City to take her out for a luscious lunch or divine dinner. The Bass is highly recommended! The Chocolate Sphere is to-die-for!

Next was an adorable silver bracelet by jewelry designer Pamela Fink. She uses real gem stone made beads and silver for a beautiful addition to mom’s wrist. Pamela’s influences are from Southeast Asia, Indonesia particularly Bali. Because of the rich culture she decided to call her company Good Charma and predicts positive energy to all who wear the delicate jewelry. The bracelets can be found at Bloomingdales jewelry counter.

Speaking of jewelry, Judith Jack, designer of  powerful statement jewelry showed us her faceted blue pendant with mother of pearl back that could be worn short and doubled or long. It really was four pendants in one. Versatile and drop dead gorgeous, this is perfect for the glamor mom in your life.

Who doesn’t love a little Nine West in their life? Especially when it speaks to the tigress in your mom. This tote will hold all the essentials for the beach in style! Roomy and cushy, grab a towel, sunscreen and maybe a pair of fabulous sunglasses from Michael Kors. This is a pair of super gifts that mom would love all the way to the beach. Available at Macy’s for Spring. Perfect.

Oohs and audible Ahs rippled around the room as the beautiful Givenchy Nox necklace was presented. There isn’t a woman alive that doesn’t love a little sparkle to light up her evening. This crystal statement necklace, available from Macy’s and Dillards, will look exquisite on mom for those time when she wants to be a princess. 

Maybe your mom is a non-stop, always on the go. Maybe she loves to change up her look in her busy day. But maybe she doesn’t have time. A watch is the perfect gift. These watches from Noon Copenhagen may just be the thing. Kolor is the style with the pizazz. Animal print, color pops, even Flower Power, all you have to do is pick one. Faces change with the time for added fun. Just check them out from Skymall or Noon Copenhagen

Whether your mom is a true beach lover, an urban fashionista, or a Kentucky Derby gal, this Dorfman Pacific Hat was the best gift of all. Crushable, packable, posable, shapeable, and totally wearable, one of these hats will be her favorite gift. They come in a rainbow of colors the choice might just have to be more than one! 

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