Wedding for a Royal Princess


With only hours left until the big event, Fashion people everywhere are speculating who the designer of the Royal Wedding Gown for the lovely Kate Middleton will be. The guesses go something like this:

It will be a British Designer

It will be a Designer that is willing to work with her style

It will be a Designer that deserves an honor

It will be a Designer with incredible talent and skill

It will be a Secret

The assumptions have narrowed the field down to one of the newest Designers in Fashion: Sarah Burton for the late Alexander McQueen. Sarah not only has the ability to translate McQueen’s style into two spectacular collections since his death but she has the magic it takes to translate a Princess’s dreams into reality. Much is at steak here for the fashion world and the monarchy. Take one ordinary (but lovely) girl and make her into a Princess that the people will not only love but have faith in again. And do it all with a dress. That is a pretty big order for a Designer. Alexander McQueen Gown F2011I only wish he was here to see it.

Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen F2011Alexander McQueen gown detailAlexander McQueen gown Fall 2011Alexander McQueen gown detail F2011Alexander McQueen Gown by Sarah Burton

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  1. Wow this post is written with so much conviction, its as if Sarah let you in on the secret before the rest of the world ! ps Did she ? If so how did you keep it so quiet ?

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