Cuffed and Held for Ransom

This trend is not new but how many do you have and what exactly are they? Cuffs used to mean the wrist part of a nice starched shirt, or ahem, what happens when one is, shall we say..naughty. But that … Continue reading

Spring in Oscar’s Garden

Spring in Oscar’s Garden by Miami Olivia featuring flower earrings     Related posts:Look of the Day Tango Tangerine Prefall 2012Aquarella Swimwear 2013Gucci Spring 2013 … Continue reading

Cannes Film Festival 2011 – The Beauty is Back

Cannes, that posh and glamorous and utterly spectacular gem of the French Riviera is once again bursting with beauty as the 64th Annual Film Festival begins. International film stars dust the Red Carpet and the Red Stairs with gowns from … Continue reading

Cruise to Paradise

Style and fashion icon Chanel seems to turn out endless seasons full of glamorous clothes dripping with the pinnacle of luxe. This Resort Season is no exception as designer Karl Lagerfeld spun together not only a mammoth 75 piece collection but a … Continue reading

Hot Mama

  Hollywood knows that at some point all the hot girls get hot guys and turn into hot mamas. Here in honor of some of the more Famous and Fabulous are some memorable Mothers on this Mother’s Day in May. … Continue reading