Cuffed and Held for Ransom

This trend is not new but how many do you have and what exactly are they? Cuffs used to mean the wrist part of a nice starched shirt, or ahem, what happens when one is, shall we say..naughty. But that was then and this is emphatically NOW. Trends happen overnight and sometime we catch the wave, ride it first and have all the toys to prove it. This little trend seems not only to be shifting into a long running play for your attention but it appears to be gently morphing into something pretty cool. When they first arrived, it was difficult to understand how one put them on and actually bent one’s wrist. Now designers have perfected Cuff Wear to an art form enabling one to, say, carry a Starbucks cup, chat on the cell, hail a cab, hold multiple shopping bags and (I use @DKNY PR Girl as example) flaunt a multitude of wrist encircling baubles. From shiny and sparkley to embedded, embossed, emboldened and emblazoned; Cuffs are The Statement for the Wrist. Just take a peek, then take your pick. Click for price.



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