Singing the Summer Blues

The days are longer, warmer and sunnier and there is nothing that makes us want to sing the blues more than Summer. Not the “Sad Blues” of the drowned out country western crooner but the “Jump in the Ocean and … Continue reading

Road Trips in the Fash Lane

In exactly 4 days Miami Olivia will be turning the little blue Beemer onto Highway of Life 95 and heading back to Miami for the Summer. Some Like it Hot. Being one of those who can’t get enough summer, but … Continue reading

Don’t Short Change Me

So all the cool kids have headed in packed convertibles to the Hamptons but you had to stay at the office and work. You feel left out, washed out and downright bored. Luckily you decided to throw convention to the … Continue reading

And the Winner is…

The CFDA Awards are the Fashion Industry’s equivalent to the Film Industry’s Oscars. They highlight the best and brightest stars of the fickle and fluctuating Fashion World. There are Nominees, Envelopes and Award Trophies. There are speeches, Red Carpets (in this case … Continue reading