Road Trips in the Fash Lane

In exactly 4 days Miami Olivia will be turning the little blue Beemer onto Highway of Life 95 and heading back to Miami for the Summer. Some Like it Hot. Being one of those who can’t get enough summer, but not wanting to just drive, drive, drive, plans are being made to make this a Fashionable, Memorable Road Trip. Stops will be made, including Richmond, Virginia for all things genteel and perhaps some tea (iced, of course) on a veranda or two. Then there’s Charleston, South Carolina for some poshness in the form of elaborate Southern Charm and Ka-ching shopping on chic Market Street where luxury wafts out on the pavement like expensive perfume. But the most important question is “What to wear?” Traveling by auto can leave creases in your silks and dampness (read droop) in your finest linen trousers. The answer, of course is a forgiving skirt and lightweight layered tops (for going from blistering heat to icy air conditioning). Road Trip Fashion

Make sure those wedges aren’t too high for driving like a pair of slip on MK by Michael Kors. You need to have a multi pocket travel bag for hotel stays along the way like this DKNY Weekender. Also, no fashionable girl would be without the all important accessories to pull things together. Try a bright necklace and bangle bracelets. Add special jewelry, like these Gucci earrings, in small doses.  In no time at all it will be time to fill up with gas,  input the destinations and stop overs in the GPS, don a fabulous smile and have a blast!

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