Swimsuit Hors d’oeuvres Anyone?

Bikini from Splashion Fashion Show at FontainbleauLike tasty little bites before a grand meal is served, Miami Magazine presents Splashion again to kick off Miami Swim Fashion Week on the day before all the fun begins. LIV at Fontainbleau was jammed to the Sky Boxes with the “Beautiful People” of Miami along with media, photographers and party experts (that is an occupation here, trust me). This is one event that is open to the public if you knew how to call ahead. The lights were pool blue, DJ IRIE kept the music bikini bouncy, and Voga and Cointreau kept everybody liquid happy. Swimwear that strutted down the stair-step runway included Jag, Jantzen, Perry Ellis, La Martina (the boys were a huge hit), BECCA, and Betsy Johnson. There were no serious, emotionless models either. Dimpled smiles and tossed neon bracelets from the girls and unbuttoned bare chested, polo helmeted boys lent to “The Party Never Stops” atmosphere and gave Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim 2012 a big jump start.

Splashion 2011 LIV at Fontainbleau  Splashion at Fontainbleau Miami Swim Week Splashion Fashion Show at Fontainbleau Miami    Splashion At Fontainbleau Miami DJ IRIE                                               

Splashion At LIV Fontainbleau 2011 Fashion Show bikini from Splashion 2011 at Fontainbleau Splashion Fashion Show at Fontainbleau one piece cut out suit       

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