Dive Into the Aqua di Lara


Aqua di Lara Coverup MBFW SwimSwimwear is a Summer kind of business. Even though people travel all times of the year to the far flung places of the world in search of the sun and exotic warmth, we still think of swimwear in the summer. So it is no surprise that Mercedes Benz hosts a Fashion Week for Resort and Swimwear in the middle of the summer in sultry Miami. This is where all the fun, color, water and summer never seems to stop. Because of all that heat, sometimes the week of shows gets difficult and patience grows short. But not with the Aqua di Lara team. Smiling, friendly and polite, not to mention; highly organized, this team put together a fantastic Fashion Runway Show in the Oasis Tent. With a sandy floor and beachy feel, this show brought in all the elements of Hot Summer Glamour. Montreal based designer Reyham Sofraci has but together a gorgeous gem dripping collection for 2012 ranging from edgy chain-mail swimsuits to ultra feminine, almost boudoir cover-ups. From the Maui Jim Sunglasses and sexy Zoya Nail Polish worn by the models, to the Swarovski crystals encrusting some of the swimwear; THIS was the place to be.

Aqua di Lara Swim 2012 Aqua di Lara Swimwear Aqua di Lara swimwear

Aqua di Lara swimwear

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  1. It’s an excellent business decision. There’s a lot of pressure to look good whether you’re a on vacation or simply getting baked in the sun lounging by the pool! 🙂 Having said that, I’m super jealous of the Maui Jim Sunglasses these ladies got to sport!! Looks like a super fun event!


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