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Tropical Thunder and Lightening seemed fittingLisa Blue Opening look MBFW 2012 backdrop for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim Lisa Blue Show. Set in the Oasis Tent with clear roof to the skies guests could see flashes of bright light and rivers of rain but were seated on cozy benches in the sand. It’s the Tropics in Miami, it is expected. What wasn’t expected was the Show of the Night! Lisa Blue Swimwear based in Australia was begun as a fulfillment to her promise to a baby whale. This was an emotional journey. Surf swimwear that is not only functional but extremely sexy, the styles were both balanced and beautiful. The show opened with a single robed figure who emerged in black and gold swimwear. Each piece was paired with amazing silver or feathered headpieces and gold aboriginal paint. On either side of the runway ran the story of designer Lisa Burke and her encounter with the whales she loves and has vowed to protect. She donates 25% of the profits from her swimwear to the Australian Whale Conservation Society. The eagle, the dolphin, the land and the sea are in her heat and soul. Her swimwear designs reflect a life lived with meaning and purpose. Colors mirror the beauty of the ocean in inky blacks, lagoon blues and brilliant flashes as if from corals and underwater sea creatures. Beautiful fringes, metallic, Ombres, studs, lacing and sheers were styled in sturdy swimwear and sexy shapes for every figure. And Lisa’s generosity was evident in the seat gift bags that were packed full. It is wonderful to see a fashion show, it is amazing to see one with such purpose to change the world. Bravo!

Lisa Blue swimwearLisa Blue Bikini MBFW Swim 2012Lisa Blue bikini 2012

Lisa Blue Swim MBFWLisa Blue bondage swimsuit 2012Lisa Burke of Lisa Blue MBFW 2012 whale tail

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