Boho Sweet Mara Hoffman Resortwear

Mara Hoffman toteThe name Grand Cabana elicits all kinds of luxury, beachy, lay around and be pampered kinds of summer thoughts. Lazy fans and billowing sheer curtains kissing the sand and allowing the gentle breeze..  Mara Hoffman took that theme, complete with not only Reggae music but elaborate fishtail hair on her models. Instead of the lights blazing and music pounding, the mood was a perfect match for the exotic colors and patterns. Themes from Tribal Egypt and Mexico gave this collection an artistic, true designer look. Peacocks, totem poles, King Tut, the Ibis and the Cheetah were obviously her inspiration as the vibrant colors and fabrics gave incredible life to this gorgeous collection. The beach tote (handbag) collection caused “audience swoon” and instant desire as looks were posted immediately to the internet. Because Mara Hoffman also designs Ready to Wear collections, she added many pieces associated with swimwear like flowing maxi-dresses, rompers and beach pants making this an true Resort Collection.

Mara Hoffman beach dress

Mara Hoffman Swimsuit

Mara Hoffman crop top and pantsMara Hoffman Resort 2012 bikini and topMara Hoffman Resort 2012 Miami  Mara Hoffman Resort 2012 Coral Ibis Chiffon CaftanMara Hoffman Peacock Tote

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  1. Very global chic! Loving the prints, the bags are gorgeous as well. I like big bags and I cannot lie 😉 The bag is the first picture really grabbed my attention, so much color, such fun!

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