Watch Out! Splash a Little Summer Fun

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There is nothing like a dip in a cool pool to beat summer heat into submission. But sometimes a girl has appointments to keep and that dip must be quick. The best way to keep track of your precious time is with a watch. Not just any watch! Something waterproof, fun and super stylish. At Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim one such watch maker was kind enough to fill Front Row goodie bags at Kooey Swimwear Show with the perfect solution to Summer Splash fun: Bede Trends IntermiX Slap Watches. They came in so many delicious colors it was like opening the Popsicle case at the grocers. Grape, Mint, Tangerine, Fuchsia, Baby Blue.. the trick was how to choose. But at only $20 you could get a few to go with each little beach bunny swim suit and never miss a beat! They wrap/slap around your wrist and are covered in soft silicone in an extra wide band so your fashion will stand out and dazzle your style, even under water! These girls didn’t stop with fun watches, there are more luxurious and sparkly ones for every taste. Perfect little pick me up summer gifts (even for yourself). Bede: Be Everything, Do Everything. How cool is that?!

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  1. Fabulous! I’ve been looking for a white watch for like forever, but didn’t want to spend tons! This is a great looking watch too! Will look it up! Thanks!

    S (@SS_Dal)

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