End (less) Summer is the New Pre-Fall

Michael Kors, in his last “Pre-Fall” Presentation (2011) addressed members of the media and reminded them not only are they writers but supposedly creative. He challenged them to come up with a better, more likable name than Pre-Fall (which sounds like something about to totter off into the abyss). So to that end, and a bunch of others, I am proposing using End-less Summer as an alternative. There is always such a bumper crop of fashion in this mini season that inexplicably comes just at the beginning of summer and then is promptly forgotten in anticipation of the real Fall and the start of Fashion Week in New York. Some of the the Fashion Houses use this filler time for some pretty amazing and sumptuous fashion since there seems to be an otherwise unrecognizable time frame and even fewer rules. Similar to “Resort” (but lasting only a fraction of the time) anything from shorts to furs, blush pinks to inky blacks, tweeds to sheers fits quite like a glove in this indistinct season. For these reasons the global world of fashion is truly thankful, no matter how you say Pre-Fall.

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End (less) Summer is the New Pre-Fall — 9 Comments

  1. Every year I fall hard for a couple of the pre-fall pieces. This year, it is Dolce’s raspberry lace short sheath dress. It’s amazing! Of course, the McQueen always gets me.

  2. I love the idea of Endless Summer. We crave summer all year round. As great as Fall fashions are, the colors and prints of summer are always a nice treat, and to integrate that into Fall looks is genius!

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