Cloaks and Daggers

Dior CapeIf you are like everyone who saw the Fall 2011 runway shows of the world’s most illustrious fashion designers back in February, then you have been waiting for Fall with the anticipation of a child on Christmas Eve. Tucked in nearly every designer’s collection was one of the most veritable of ancient systems of covering one’s person…A Cape. There is something magical about a cape. You put it on and suddenly your are daring, dashing, mysterious, and yes, evocative. You have something to hide and it is simply stunning. But first you are swathed in something deliciously, almost theatrical; the cape. So quick to unwrap and reveal and yet just as quick to tug tightly about oneself in deference to whatever the elements may throw at you in the fall. Don a hat with the cape and you have a legend. Oh, the possibilities are endless, the drama worth every effort, and all for the love of fashion.


black capered plaid capeblue capegold capeblack capegray wool capeheather capeblack crepe capeChanel capeorange capeblack capeblack lined capeWhite capeNavy capegray cape

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