DKNY PR Girl Luv

dkny imageIt’s no secret that I love all things DKNY and Donna Karan. Donna was the recipient of my Woman of the Year Award last year and I put both brands high on my blog’s priority list. But one of the things that has put me over to top for DKNY is the Twitter PR Girl of that Brand! She has done some fantastic things for DKNY. She is nothing short of amazing and when I first met her, I could see that everything on her Twitter timeline was totally true! This is not a made up character but a real living (doll) who really does accomplish all she says. She is a red haired powerhouse “smart girl” with a crazy amount of energy. She gets it all done AND manages to Tweet about it the entire time. It doesn’t matter if it is a Fashion Show, a bloggers breakfast, a Fashion’s Night Out Party, or conducting her PR101 Tumblr Class, she’s there and she’s tweeting, bringing all of us along for the amazing ride. I am so happy that she has finally decided to let everyone know who she is. I think we all we are all totally in love with this fantastic PR Girl. Please join me in welcoming her!

All images and videos are DKNY rights.

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