Tadashi Shoji Fall Winter 2012

Tadashi Shoji said he was reaching back to the Golden Age of Shanghai by focusing on the glamorous world of opulent bead embellished laces, chiffons, silks, and velvets. The colors were rich; emulating jewels, touching the brilliance of nature in deep sea grass and bitter ginsing. This was a picture of the sophisticated wealth set forever in the “Paris of the Orient”. A time of glamorous identity for Old Shanghai. He captured it in body clinging velvet gowns, chantilly lace, and tiered handkerchief chiffons that fluttered with lively grace. Some gowns had back embellishments of astounding craft: jet woven into lace, inset into an exposed cowl back. Many of the pieces used hammered satin, making the fabric appear liquid. There were also several dresses with black tulle over nude that gave mysterious allure and lift to an otherwise dark look. This was a serious collection with purpose and direction. Tadashi Shoji is quickly becoming a designer with an adoring following.

red dress blue dress blue gown
black and gold dress blue and brown velvet gown black and gold dress
Ginsing gown black and blue gown
black and gold ball gown back detail on gown blue and black gown

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