Mara Hoffman Fall Winter 2012

gownMara Hoffman took a trip to the rich heritage of the American Southwest in her Fall Winter 2012 Collection. Words like meteroties, magic carpets and stars filled the program as she wove a story about chiffon dresses and beaded gowns. Somehow Mara Hoffman has a unique way of presenting her take on fashion that makes us remember and dream about what was and what can be. Some of the poncho pieces, that would have been straight out of the hippie 60’s seemed fresh and new. Graphics and chevrons in silks, peeking out from under woolen jackets, swathed with scarves, tucked under hats; everything was warm. Color, texture and fabric bespoke of Winter and keeping the chill away. But far from a Cozy Comfort Collection, this gave the impression that Hoffman is an artist at heart and her canvas is clothing.

black and white outfit black gown white gown
Long romper black boots gown

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