Donna Karan Fall Winter 2012

sequined gownAdornment was paramount. Illusion was everywhere. It was the end of the war and the boys were coming home. But the girls had been busy doing the boys job so well that they started to dress like them and behold, man-suiting was born. Donna Karan, who certainly knows how to dress women and dress them comfortably, has dipped her pen in the ink of Menswear for Women. With knife edge sculpting, she has trimmed away all the fluff. This collection was one after another example of exquisite tailoring for a woman’s shape. Lines were clean, draping (still there but drastically reduced) was left to soften and ease. Sheer skirts and tops were added to tease, glints of sequins peeked as dangerously as the revealing sheer side cocktail dress; sensuality still there loud and clear. But this collection was all about structure. Woman in a pin striped man’s world. Women who mean business. Whether that business is cultured or calculated, that is up to the woman. The danger is in underestimating her strength.

gold and black dress suit pants and top
back view red shoe sheer skirt
sheer side dress shoes and handbag long black skirt and white blouse
silver gown red gown suit and gown

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