Farah Angsana Fall Winter 2012

purple gownTraveling the globe has proved to be vibrant inspiration for designer Farah Angsana. This Fall Winter 2012 Collection is ready for the Red Carpet from New York and Beverly Hills, to Shanghai, Dubai, and the French Riviera. In mouthwatering colors that cover the spectrum of the rainbow, Angsana provided the glamorous women in high society enough gowns for every event. Delicate silk chiffon flowed like a breeze emphasizing the most feminine form. Embellishments with intricate crystal settings and fine sequin details set off the gowns with the work of an artist. Luxury dripped from these gowns and dresses. And because this was a Fall Collection, there were even a few coats and pants. But the brilliance was in the Red Carpet gowns, which could be pictured on every major actress from Hollywood to Bollywood. The final breathtaking piece was a completely see through gown with Dragon illusion detailing in crystals, sequins, and ostrich feathers. This collection was beyond stunning.


black gown dress teal gown
blue gown purple gown purple gown
red dress red gown orange gown

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