Ralph Lauren Fall Winter 2012

coat over skirtSitting in the huge Theater before one of the large fashion shows at the Tents at Lincoln Center is sometimes overwhelming. The audience is vast. Celebrity is firmly ensconced to the Front Row, paparazzi buzzing like flies. The scene is so predictable and large is seems surreal. A gentleman next to us, dressed smartly in a plaid tweed suit and pink shirt, remarked, when Ralph Lauren was mentioned, that at least there would never be any surprises in that show, it was always the same. The remark was disparaging. I reminded him that Mr. Lauren is head of a huge Empire and we are, after all is said and done, in the business of selling all this wonderful clothing. Nothing daunted, Ralph Lauren remains one of my very favorite. The clothes are elegant and they fit. They can be found in all the right places, like Worth Ave. in Palm Beach, or Ralph Lauren.com while I watch the latest runway show.  If color is what we want, he has it. If cool metallic is required, it is there. If plaid vests and pocket watches are what is called for, then this is the time to make a list because Fall 2012 is full of the stuff out of Downtown Abbey. It is as if he recreated the mystique of the show, complete with the soundtrack, and made clothing to flesh it out with typical aplomb. But he did not stop there. This is the year of Gold. Long liquid looks in gold and black. Perhaps Ralph knows we will hit black gold this year. This is the reason we love Ralph Lauren. He helps us tell our story. We can add and subtract and make it all our own, he gives us a hint of imagination to start. Yes, he is presiding over an Empire, one he seems very comfortable in.

pant and blazer man suit coat with fur collar
dress gold gown dress with fur stole
gold and black gown purple gown black gown


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