J.Mendel Fall Winter 2012

Giles Mendel comes from 5 generations of furriers. The Fall Winter 2012 Collection shows that he not only has fur in his blood but some incredible design style to live up to. However you feel about fur, it is a texture that is part of  luxury apparel and for that reason we will stick to the design rather than the politics for the review. It was a winter white out to start. Chill blocking, white merino wool as soft as silk, with fur embellishment. Then like a snow storm in the wind swept Rockies, white fur gave way to flecks of black. Then black as the night fur and chiffon with touches of red, dark as drops of blood, in crepe and chiffon gowns and dresses. Two memorable tweed dresses, flirty and short, with wasp waists were edged in leather. The gowns floated by next. Heavily beaded in intricate patterns of golds, yellow like a flash of sunlight, and finally soft champagne. The final gown, icy white and fit for a queen, worthy of those 5 generations of designers. This is exquisite, breathtaking design and workmanship. Giles is a true master.

white fur coat white skirt and coat fur dress and jacket
fur coat fur coat over chiffon dress burgundy dress
chiffon gown and fur capelet tweed dress yellow gown
gold beaded gown champagne gown ice white gown

All photos are courtesy of NowFashion.com. Backstage Coverage with Irena Finerman for NBC Buzz.

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