Whitney Eve Fall Winter 2012


For her first Collection, Whitney Port said she took some inspiration from her Grandmother’s Attic. But as a girl of the Now Generation, she infused plenty of hip way we dress today in this collection. This show was the biggest surprise of New York Fashion Week. The rocker, grunge, East Village half hippie is more of what was expected, certainly not tea-length dresses. There were plenty of super short, shiny mini skirts but an unmistakable sophisticated current that ran through from start to finish. The party girl peeked out but slim tailored pants, unique prints and peplum tops layered in jewel tones not to mention a stunning graphic beaded dress for the finish of the show, belayed a surprising sense of taste in fine clothing. There didn’t seem to be a single granny skirt in sight. This is one star turned designer that will probably do quite well. She had an amazing support from supermodels to stars in the Front Row to buoy her success. You couldn’t help but be happy for her debut Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Runway Show.

pantsuit black dress pink dress
short skirt polka dot skirt sequin dress


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