Off the Shoulder for Spring

You’ve heard of the Cold Shoulder, and perhaps you even bare your shoulders a bit in the heat of the summer, but we are talking totally Off the Shoulder and we mean handbags. This Spring is a perfect time to try the trend that has made its own catagory: The Clutch. The Clutch is like the dot on the I or the cross to a Tee. There are so many reasons the clutch has made such an impact in the fashion world. First, it is small, sweet, and totally Rocks the Outfit by bringing all the elements together and giving them a signature. A Clutch must be carried in the hand or tucked under an arm. No more carrying on the shoulder, so they literally give you something to do with your hands so that they get noticed. In fact the dear little handbags are begging to be noticed. Designers are pulling all the stops and sprinkling them on the runway, and for look books because they ARE noticed. Another thing in their favor is that they are the perfect Date Companion. They hold a phone, lipstick and perhaps a few personal cards and IDs while you are busy making eyes at your latest squeeze. They don’t take up a lot of space on the table so they can always be in sight. But the one thing they should always be is Fabulous. So we have chosen some of the season’s more memorable clutches just to get you in the mood. Some are juicy ripe with delicious color, some are stunningly detailed with intricate beading, and some are outrageous with rings and cuffs attached. All are amazing additions to your look and can finish it all – Off the Shoulder.

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