L Space Swim 2013

The fringe benefits are wonderful at L Space. In fact they’re right out of the 70s Retro Box of Chocolates. The L Space line was full of long fringe front bikini tops in bright colors. Tie dyed, batik-like, and chevron Missoniesque prints pushed that 70s look right over the edge and back into the past. This line was actually three collections; L *Space by Monica Wise, MÄIO Swim, and The Collection by L Space. Each collection had distinct styling. The first was very retro fringe and string bikini bottoms. MÄIO had more coverups, pants, ponchos, handkerchief hems, and even cutoffs, with an LA Santa Monica feel, and The Collection was fierce, metallic, contrast piped, and highwaisted with bronzed faced warrior women. It was a huge undertaking for a single designer and Monica Wise did a terrific job.

bikini bikini one piece suit
bikini and skirt bikini bikini
white bikini bikini coverup

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